Single Source Warehousing
and Distribution

Technology driven warehousing and distribution powered by our software,
in our warehouses or your own. Simplify the management
of your product and reduce your costs.

World-Class Warehousing Services, Driven by Scalable Software built for Multi-Channel Supply Chains

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STORD is an asset-light warehousing company that leverages capacity in independent facilities across the US. We pair excess capacity in third party facilities with businesses in need of storage solutions. For the customer, we act as the facility and manage everything from ordering to inventory management and billing. Unlike a traditional warehousing company, we are not bound by geographical location or commodity.

Doing this, we bring efficiency and savings to our customers while adding new revenue opportunities to the vendors. We are the first single touch-point of service in the $163B warehousing industry.

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"Having spent years chasing down warehouses at night, at the last minute, I know Stord solves a costly and time consuming problem—finding space, on favorable terms, to store freight"

- Ted Alling, Founder @ Access America Transport, (Acq. Coyote Logistics/ Acq. UPS)

Supported by top-tier customers and partners across the globe

Streamline your warehousing and distribution
through our software and our facilities.